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Monday, 29 Nov 2021

BukuGaby - buku anak dan mainan anak
*Bungkus Kertas Kado, Baterai Sound Books & Spidol Wipe-Clean 
Educative Games & Creativity
*Posters, Floor Puzzles, Board Games, Dice Games, Card Games
*Art & Craft DIY Kits
*Fine Motor Skill Development (Building Blocks, Threading, Lacing, etc)
*Hands-on Manipulatives
Baby & Toddler Books
*Board Books/Hard Books
*Flash Cards
*Touch & Feel Board Book, Softbook, Bath Books
*Baby Record Books
Activity Books
*Painting, Coloring, Picture Books & Art and Craft Books
*Fun Math, English, Alphabets & Other Learning Books
*Wipe Clean Activity Books
*Fun Science & Knowledge Books
*Letterland Books
*Usborne Books
Fun Books
*Sound Books, Music Books, Talking Books, Books with CD
*PopUp, Lift-a-Flap, Puzzle Books & Other Unique Books
*Sticker Books
*Magnet Books & Soft Felt Play Books
Story Books
*Story Collection Books & Nursery Rhymes
*Animals, Fairy Tales, Bedtime Story Books
*Character Building Books
Religious Books
*Christian Books
*Islamic Books
Chinese/Mandarin Books
*Chinese Story Books
*Chinese Learning Books & Flash Cards

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Yuk ikutan jualan buku2 anak fun & educative
bareng Bukugaby group!

- Supplier buku anak import terpercaya sejak 2010
- Ready stock ratusan judul buku anak (all Original)
- Target market yang sangat luas dan potensial
- Tanpa repot - bisa sistem Dropship
(kami yang mengirim barang langsung ke customer)
- Ikut meng-kampanye-kan reading habit untuk anak sejak dini

Contact kami untuk info detilnya:
Whatsapp 082111-553-509 (chat only please)

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