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Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020

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Vegetables Flashcards with Augmented Reality

Vegetables Flashcards with Augmented Reality

Book Title : Vegetables Flashcards with Augmented Reality
Book Type : Flashcards
ISBN : 9781781870242
Language : English
Publisher : Dickens Publishing Ltd (UK)
Author : 
Pages : Isi 25 flash card bolak balik + Free Dickens AR app Included
Cover : Kemasan Box ukuran 12.3 x 16.2 x 3 cm
Dimension : Ukuran tiap kartu 11-14 x 11.5 cm bahan karton cukup tebal
Weight : 300 grams
Price :  Rp 125.000
Vegetables Flashcards with Augmented Reality Vegetables Flashcards with Augmented Reality    
Click on the pictures to view larger version
Dickens Flashcards with Augmented Reality Flashcards are a great tool for children to learn things. Suitable for use in school, at home or while travelling, these cards, complete with attention-grabbing illustrations and questions, provide lots of opportunities for conversation with children and vocabulary expansion.
Includes 25 cards to help children learn about Vegetables
These Flashcards are great learning tools because...
They provide bite-sized informaiton that makes it easy for children to learn and remember.
They are versatile and multi-functional. The contents can be used in diverse ways to suit the different learning styles of childrens. The cards can function as games and quizzes to make learning simple and fun.
These handy-sized cards are convenient to be carried around.
They are a great resource for interactive learning. Children become actively involved when they get excited and shout out their answers as the questions are posed to them.
The pictures are brightly coloured and will attract the children's attention.

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My Little Library of Animal Stories includes 10 story books (Box Merah Hijau)
Story Book Box Set
Rp 185.000
My First Music Book Piano Board Book with 6 of the Best-Loved Children's Songs to Learn and 3 Melodies to Hear!
Sound Board Book
Rp 235.000
My First Music Book Drum Set Board Book with 4 songs and 5 drum sounds
Sound Board Book
Rp 235.000
First Steps Write & Wipe ABC with Sounds includes wipe-off marker, 26 alphabet sounds, 1 alphabet song
Sound Board Book
Rp 329.000
100 Noisy Sounds My First Words Board Book with 100 sound buttons
Sound Board Book
Rp 360.000

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